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where the hell did my consumer rights and privacy go!?

“Ads that stalk us.” – article recently in now magazine.


To some, the realization of marketing’s newer faces is nothing new.
For example, a couple new strategies thought up to help move product are by means of –

-RFID – radio frequency id tags. Offline signals that are sent to high up offices in the skies, which can track items past point of purchase, follow you into your household, take your picture, take in stock inventory. There is just no place to hide!! Removal of the device at point of sale (checkout) stops them someone, but its just not good enough. Companies are pushing for this, and in some places it’s already on its way to becoming commonplace. And don’t forget, id implanted biochips in pets, its reality. Does that mean implant information chips in humans isn’t all that far off?

-Mobiltrak’s car radio scanning of station preferences via billboards which then change to suit its target. (But to this I ask, if what station your listening to can make an electronic billboard change, what about all the other drivers with their radios on driving down the same road!??)

-Computers. Built into everyday household items. And now... your fridge, no surprise really its been a long time coming, cuz you know, using your laptop in the kitchen or walking down the hall to your desk where your desktop is, is just too much effort. Ppfft :P i'm sure the bathroom is up nxt.

-Mass cell phone text messaging. Ads thrown at you on your mobile. Great. As if the radiation wasn’t enough. Satellite signals help to zoom in on prey. Walk by a gap, and your phone may tell you they are having a big ‘ol jolly sale.
Aren;t ring tones bad enough to bare!?

And the newest, since marketing is always one step ahead of any privacy infringements that can be thrown at them.
We have, Woody Norris of American Technology to thank for and I quote: ”a processor that projects sound in a focused beam, much like laser-focused light. It's liberating to imagine listening to music beamed right at your head without your roommate hearing, but imagine receiving a marketing message directed in the same way without being able to tell where it's coming from.
Companies such as McDonald's and Wal-Mart have been experimenting with ways to direct this sound laser at target customers. Essentially, it would follow consumers around and plant auditory messages in their heads. “

These highly invasive projects need to be nipped in the but before they even think of them. Impossible yes. But perhaps if tighter restraints on privacy and consumer violations were enforced, laws wouldn’t have to be made after the fact of its launch and after the fact it’s already begun what it set out to do.

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